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Zoë Aqua is a violinist, composer and educator. 

She was awarded a Fulbright research grant for the 2021-’22 and 2022-’23 academic years to study Transylvanian folk music pedagogy in Cluj, Romania.  In September 2022, she released a full-length album of original compositions recorded with Eastern European musicians entitled “In Vald Arayn” (Into the Forest). “In Vald Arayn” mixes influences from klezmer, Transylvanian music, Hasidic music, lautarească and more to meditate on the ways that Jewish and non-Jewish music from Eastern Europe are in conversation with each other. Zoë is a co-founder of klezmer bands Tsibele and Farnakht and served as the full-time understudy for the Klezmatics’ Lisa Gutkin in the Broadway production of “Indecent”.  She has presented concerts in Germany, Austria, Hungary and Romania, as well as the US and Canada. Long passionate about teaching, Zoë holds two degrees in music education. 

Klezmer Workshop (Kitchener): January 7th, 2024, 1pm: Learning by Ear - Zoe Aqua

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